Friday, January 13, 2017


Perhaps the one thing that the kids are most excited about is their new British Prep School, Stroud, located in Romsey.  I have been a bit concerned about Michaela in a skirt and tights, but she is handling it without a fight, which has been very shocking.

Some highlights of Week 1:
- Within an hour of school starting, I had an email from Hope's teacher stating that she was happy, chatting and holding hands with a few of the girls in the class.  Within two days, she had been invited to a birthday party.  Mia and Meggie are her two newest friends.  I must say I am not surprised. Hope has always had the ability to make friends easily. When she was 2-3 she would make a friend at CFA and invite them over.  A constant refrain in our house has always been, "Mom, I made a new friend today..." Well done, little Hope.
- Grayson has joined the Rugby team, made student council and been on a Victorian cars field trip.  He is loving all of the history.
- Michaela as always is the most reserved about school, but is doing great. She has joined the field hockey club, as well as gardening. Every Monday she comes home covered in mud as they have Forest Class.
-  All 3 are learning French....

Third day in England - introducing the children to their new school.

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