Thursday, January 26, 2017

Walking Through the Fire

As if we didn't have enough obstacles in the start of journey here in England, another very unexpected one was thrown our way tonight.  I can now say that I have literally walked through the fire.

Around 6 pm this evening I was reheating some soup on the stove. I turned my back and somehow my favorite shirt got caught in the gas flame.  It took a minute to figure out the smell and that my back was on fire. By the grace of God, I remembered to stop, drop and roll. Thank you elementary schools for putting this in my head all those many years ago!

The carnage:

I was taken to the local hospital wrapped in clean wrap (i.e. saran wrap) to keep the burn clean, and then wrapped in a gauze tank top.

Fashion statement 1:

Fashion statement 2 (after learning that I would not need a skin graft but need to be mummified for 4 days....)

 Some cuteness to bring a smile to my face:

All through the night a song we sang sitting on the mall at the University of Texas kept playing through my mind. It is based on Isaiah 43:

When you walk through the fire
You’'ll not be burned,
And the flames will not
Consume you.
Do not fear,
For I have redeemed you,
I have called you by name,
You are Mine.(Repeat chorus)
Chorus: For I am the Lord your God (I am the Lord your God),I am the Lord your God (I am)
The Holy One of Israel
Your Savior
For I am the Lord your God (I am the Lord your God),I am the Lord your God (I am)
The Holy One of Israel
Your Savior
I am the Lord (do not fear)
I am the Lord (do not fear)
I am the Lord (do not fear)
I am the Lord (do not fear)

Through it all, I saw the hand of God so clearly at work.
- Two weeks ago Catherine befriended me at church.  She's a lovely Australian lady who took me to lunch and shopping just yesterday.  In the course of conversation, I asked her what she did and found out that she was a nurse.  Immediately upon putting the fire out, I had enough wits about me to call her.  She put me in a cold shower for 20 minutes, picked up her kids, drove me to the hospital and helped me navigate the National Health System.  (Side note: we aren't registered yet b/c we do not have a permanent address here).  I am thankful that the Lord placed it on her heart to befriend me and I completely attribute my clarity to call her to the Holy Spirit. The doctor this morning told me that the 20 minute cold shower kept the burn from getting worse. 
-  Another lady from church who is also an Exxon Expat, Assia,  took in all 3 of my children.  She kept them overnight and got them to school.  Since then she also kept them when I had to quickly run to the doctor's office. Thank you Assia!
-  Libby, our pastor's wife, has called in prayer support and the church to help in whatever capacity we need.  They don't know us that well, yet are willing to be the hands and feet of Christ.
- My Texas churches, family and friends I know what do whatever they could and willing to do whatever they can from a far.  (This week, I received an email from a friend who was sitting in a CBS group and my name came up on the prayer group there. It's astounding to me how many people are praying alongside me and lifting my healing up.  So thankful).
-  My mom could not get to me as her passport has been sent in for renewal.  The weeks have been trying and when you are that hurt,  you want your mom.  Upon transfer and arrival at the burn unit, my nurse came in and introduced herself as Carol.
- I am experiencing a peace that transcend understanding.  It's been amazing to see the love and outpouring of prayer from home and from here.
-  Last week when I was so low and could not see through the darkness of all that was going on, I cried out to God that I couldn't even pray for myself and would He please bring others to pray with me.  OK, this is not exactly the answer I had in mind, but wow, just wow! I am amazed at all those who have surrounded me and my family and stood in the gap.  There is power in the body of Christ.  It was the spark (pun intended) that I needed to get back on my feet and to move forward.
-  My burn this morning was much better than anticipated last night when they looked at it.  I truly believe the healing that has occurred thus far is a direct result of everyone's prayer.
- (1/28 update) As we were talking about the little ways the Lord prepared us for this, we have been living in an apartment with just enough food and supplies on hand until we get to our house.  Jamison purchase Saran (clean) wrap at the store for some reason. We can't remember why, but it was the one thing that we needed to dress my wound to transport me to the hospital. It's truly the Lord's hand that we would have that when we don't have foil, sandwhich bags, etc.
- (1/28)  So incredibly thankful for our connect group at church. They have stepped up and taken our children with 10 minutes warning, they have provided lunch and dinner, prayers, etc. We are so incredibly thankful that months ago the Lord directed us to the church and we already have a body of believers that has rallied around us.

On a funny note, I keep wondering why I smell burnt popcorn - it's the tips of my hair. I haven't been able to wash it yet. Stinky!  I've been growing it out for a year....guess I get to start over.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your love, prayers and support. I can say I have walked through the fire, literally....not an experience I care to repeat but it does make me realize with how quick my shirt went into flames, how truly miraculous Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego story is and how they didn't burn or smell!

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