Sunday, January 29, 2017

Word(s) of the Year....

Flexible and Adaptable

I've been meaning to post this since we arrived, however, we have been just a little bit occupied. As I have mentioned, we have met a wonderful Exxon Expat couple, Assia and Allain.  Assia has talked me off more than one ledge in this adventure, has shown me all the places I should go, taken me to lunch and most importantly taken me to Costco.. She was also the one who introduced me to my words of the year. I don't usually have a word of the year, but this year, the Smith family has 2: flexible and adaptable.

If any of you know me, this is against my nature. I like consistency, I like predictability, I like control.  In fact, my Katy friends gave me a sign that says, "Change is good, you go first."  That about sums it up.  Shortly after that we moved to Conroe and then to England. I am happy to pass the sign back to one of them.

Here I am though, in a foreign country, with very little going smoothly, in homes that are very compact, roads without shoulders, metric conversions I don't understand, where change is the only way our family will survive the next few days/months/years.

So, cheers to you Assia and Allain as we all experience flexibility and adaptability together.

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