Sunday, February 12, 2017

Faith Tried and Tested

It seems every time that we go in to church, the message is directed right at us. Today was absolutely no exception.  While I hope that recording the sermon notes is of help to someone else, I am posting them here so that our family can look back at the faithfulness of God through the years. I journal it as a memorial to our living God and His faithful and loving care to our family.  These words are notes from the pastor, not my own.

Sermon by Trevor Archer on Hebrews 12

Hebrews 12 is a statement of the Sovereign God and  His loving care of His people.

Intro: trials will come to every Christian. What do you do when they come to you?  We will have trials in the 21st century to being a Christian, for being called to do something that God wants me to do, etc.

Sooner or later a Christian's faith will be tested.
ch 10&11 - martyrdom, loss of property, etc. Why? because the servant is not greater than the master

The temptation will be to give up on Christ.
v2.  trials will cause us to grow weary and lose heart

God allows testing for our good.
v 5-6 God is in ultimate control and uses it to discipline us.
God IS IN this
Gen 50:20

His purpose is always loving.
vs. 6  Discipline those He loves.  He is not teaching us a lesson -  He is allowing us to be molded and shaped.  It's in retrospect that we can see what He as doing.
Ask: what are you doing in my life to draw me closer to you?  Why might I not be closer to you without it?

When faced with testing there is a choice to be made:
Temptation in trials is to grow weary and lose heart and to fall away.  Trials reveal what is there and what is not.
v9 we can kick against it or we can accept it.
You may not understand what is happening, but you can TRUST God.

 - turn away from Christ (v25)
v 16 don't be like Esau; Ch 3 don't be like the Israelites with sinful and unbelieving heart.
Our birthright is an inheritance laid up in heaven.
Esau turned to instant gratification. Don't do that. Esau was remorseful but not repentant.

 - press on with Christ (v1)
 vs 3-4 by listening to God's voice
Trust God and believe His word. Does work through the trial to grow us and make us stronger.

In trials God proves His faithfulness, constancy and goodness.


Made me want to sing "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full into His wonderful face
And things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace....

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