Monday, February 20, 2017

Milan - Day 2

Wow! What a day. We covered over 8.5 miles on foot, including a climb to the top of the Duomo.  Michaela finally said, "My little legs are tired." Yes, I am sure they are.  According to her Pops, "you can sleep at home."

First stop was back to the Cathedral. The kids were disappointed that we didn't get to climb to the top on the first day so that quickly became our first order of business. The view was spectacular but even more impressive was the detail at the top of the cathedral.

After the climb, we headed over to Sforzo Castle. We only think things are bigger in Texas. The size of the castle was impressive.  It was originally built int he 15th century and served as defensive castle through the years. It now hosts several museums.  One fun thing the kids learned was that there are cats that live in the drained mote. They had fun finding them all and running across the drawbridge.

We stopped across the street at a local supermarket for some picnic supplies: salami, cheese and bread.  How cool to eat in front of the castle!

Fresh mozzarella

Who can leave Italy without a flavor of gelato? Since Mimi celebrated a birthday the day before without us, we had some in her honor. Cheers to another year.

Decisions, decisions....

Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Pinocchio: all over the city we kept seeing these kiosks for Pinocchio. Somewhere along the way I wasn't paying attention in English, because I completely missed the fact that Pinocchio was an Italian fairy tale.  Carlo Collodi wrote it in a city just outside of Florence. Pinocchio has now become an Italian icon. In salute to my newfound knowledge, we bought an ornament for our Christmas tree.

Jamison's coworker who is from Milan also told us to visit the Navigli Canals. The canals were built to bring stuff into the city, in particular to the Duomo. They were thought to be designed by Leonardo DaVinci.  They are no longer in used for shipping but you can take tours on them.

Good Night, Milan.

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