Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Milan - Day 3

While J's Away....the kids and I will play!  We spent the morning waiting for Jamison to work. After all, that was the reason for the trip.   We decided to go by a Leonard DaVinci exhibit. Truly one of the world's greatest minds: an inventor, painter, sculptor, architecture, etc. We spent two hours in the exhibit and barely scratched the surface. The kids got to try and recreate some of his inventions, build bridges, see a rough sketch of what appeared to be the lady from the Mona Lisa, examine some pages from his originals.  Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed inside. Michaela had enough so we left.  My only regret is that Jamison wasn't there to view it all with Grayson. I am sure the two of them would have stayed a day or two.  Plus, it would have been helpful for J to explain some of the structural stuff to G.  Although they had lengthy explanations and 3D exhibits to explore, I wasn't of much help to all of Grayson's questions.  One part of the exhibit was a digitized version of the Last Supper.  They had audio explaining not only the art techniques, but details around each disciple and why they were drawn as they were.

Since the trip was so last minute, the tickets to see the actual viewing of the Last Supper were sold out.  The kids and I took a walk down to the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. We had some great talks about nuns as we did get to see a few.

We also saw this cute pink car. I made Hope take a picture with it. I am convinced that if we were Italian that some day she would drive it.

Late afternoon it was time to board the high speed train to Florence.

So proud of the kids for hanging in there through Milan.  Super proud that they all learned to navigate the subways while we there and were learning how to read the maps!

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