Sunday, February 19, 2017

Milan - The Duomo

And we're off....on our first European adventure. The kids are off for half term and Jamison has a work meeting in Milan, Italy. I still can't believe he actually asked me if the kids and I wanted to join him.  Italian food and sites for a week: yes, please.

We started off in Milan. Michaela wasn't exactly sure what to think but when we got off the subway, walked up the stairs and right into the Duomo, she was awestruck.  One thing we noticed the second day of walking the town, is all the streets came in to the center of the town where the cathedral was.  It was interesting to point out to the children that one of the reasons was the city centered around worshiping God.  It was thought provoking, at least for me, to think about whether the entirety of our lives center around God.  In general, I think we have lost that priority.

The Duomo was made entirely of marble It is of Gothic style and the largest church in all of Italy. Construction of the site began in 1386 and completed in 1805.

We can't see that kind of Architecture here. Of course, the kids wanted to explore inside and climb the 463 steps to the top, which we did on the second day upon arrival. The things that immediately struck all of us was the military presence in front of and around the Duomo (later in the week we noticed it at all of the sights).  We couldn't decide if we should feel nervous or secure.

Inside the Duomo:

Since the majority of the day was spent traveling, this was the highlight of Sunday. The day was rounded off by a trip to a local market for breads, cheeses and breakfast items.

Next to the Duomo was a large shopping center, complete with Prada and Louis Vuitton. This shouldn't have been a surprise as Milan is known as the fashion central of Italy.  The mall was fun to look around.  

Last pictures of the Duomo before heading in...

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