Friday, February 17, 2017


Kids are out for midterm break. Jamison had to work, so the kids and I decided to enjoy the sunshine and go exploring near our house. We decided to go up the road 30 minutes to Mottisfont, part of the National Trust.  We knew there was an art exhibition going on, but other than that, we weren't sure what to expect. What a treat! There were trails to explore, a house that dated back to Medieval times, rose gardens that will need to be explored when they are in bloom, a natural brook with ducks and swans that intrigued Michaela. We had a great time.

Upon arrival, we took a 50 minute tour on how Mottisfont came to being. The kids were troopers.  Here are the highlights:
- it was started in 1220 by Bad Bill Brewer. He decided to make a priory as a way to get out of purgatory. He settled on this location due to the amount of land and that there was a natural spring there.  We learned that natural springs are seen as holy.
-  Augustine "monks" or black cannons came to run the priory.
-  The relic of John the Baptist's finger was there bringing pilgrims in.
-  It was built with English gothic architecture.
-  The black death came through and pretty much took out the priory. What was left was given to a friend of King Henry VIII when he took over the Church of England because they wouldn't grant him a divorce.
-  The friend, whose name I didn't quite catch, took parts of it down and turned it into a tudor home.
-  In 1930 Maud Russell made Mottisfort her home.

Angel of Mottisfont added in the 1940s

From the back. The bottom windows are what's left of the original structure.

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