Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pound for a Trolley

I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, prayers and support since my little mishap.  It has made me feel so loved.  It has been so fun to receive letters in the mail, especially from my friends back in America. This week, I received the sweetest note from my friend, Christine Chapman. She has been a lifeline and wealth of knowledge to being an Expat in the U.K. (Christine and her husband were in London back in 2010).  Included in her card was this little gem, a pound for a trolley. Not only is it practical(!), it is a reminder that it is now time to settle in to life in England.

So what exactly is it? Well, I had no idea either. When we arrived six weeks ago, the kids, Jamison and I made a trip over to the local Wal Mart (Asda) to pick up some essentials, you know, things like milk, bread, soap....  When we got there, we pulled and pulled on a shopping card (I mean, trolley), only to find that they were all hooked together.  As I stood there looking at it/pulling on it, a British lady said, "you need a pound." Of course, since we had just arrived, we did not have any currency yet. The lady was kind enough to give us a pound so we could continue on.

I would love to say that I always have a pound on me when I shop, but I don't. I tend to put it in the car or in a side pocket or I can't find it or I spend it. So, when Christine sent me this, I was overjoyed and have said on more than one occasion, "this is genius."  You simply hang it on your keychain, which eliminates the need to dig in your purse and your pound is always available for your trolley.  (Note: the trolley is hanging right next to my Boston marathon keychain, another thing to smile about.   The old school door keys are fun too.)  I ventured to the local Sainsbury yesterday and as I pulled it off, not only was I thankful for it, the pound reminded me of my friends back home and that made me smile.  Thanks Christine for giving me something to smile about (your friendship) every time I go shopping and am losing my mind over the conversions or not being able to find something.  It's the little things....and today's little thing is Christine and my pound for a trolley.

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  1. Christine is just the best. She made my move over there so much easier! Glad I found your blog...look forward to reading about life in the UK.