Friday, February 17, 2017

Stroud Prepared Speeches

So proud of the kids.  Years 3 and 5 had to prepare a speech on a given topic and then present it to their class.   Hope's class was to talk about a hobby. Big surprise that Hope gave her presentation on American Girl Dolls, with Caroline, Grace, bonbon, books and accessories in tow.  Grayson's year did a famous person. He chose Charles Lindberg. The presentation had to be given from someone else's point of view.  He chose to present as President Calvin Coolidge. He couldn't quite convince his sisters to dress up as Secret Service detail (I think Uncle Jon is rubbing off on him).

Three finalist were chosen from each class to present their speech in front of the middle school. Both Grayson and Hope made it to the finals.  All the children did such a wonderful job. I was amazed that they would get up in front of more than 100 people and talk.

Both children were awarded second place! Great Job guys.

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