Wednesday, March 1, 2017


We came, we saw, we conquered.

I really wish I had paid more attention in history.  I am getting educated on all of our adventures. The leaning tower is not a random tower, it is actually attached to a cathedral, a baptistery and a cemetery.

The touristy pics.  A storm was blowing in so the lighting was terrible.

The baptistery is supposed to be acoustically perfect.

While the cathedral was beautiful, it was my least favorite out of our visits.

Family Photo:

Then came what I had been waiting for, "Daddy, can we go home? My little legs are tired!"  (Unfortunately she thought home meant Texas...we wish baby girl).

In 5 days she walked 32 miles& climbed 1200 stairs up...I imagine they are tired. Probably a good thing, I could get addicted to the food. Have I mentioned how good Italian food is?

So long Italy, until we meet again.

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