Monday, March 13, 2017


From Jamison....

We came here expecting to be different and to be the ones learning about life in England. One of the unexpected joys has been teaching our English friends about life in America... well, life in Texas anyway.

For instance, an Aussie-Brit friend had a long day at work (as a nurse) and was reveling in the simple act of sitting, getting off her feet. But what would a Texan say? "My dogs are barkin'!"
It sounds much more fun with an Aussie/English accent, and when you change it to, "Me dogs are barking!"

From Jen...

We have also taught them things like how to say "hoe down" and that a typical Texas diet consists of chips and salsa, and no it's not the same as you have here.  We have submitted a food pyramid for Hope's school project that looks like this (who needs veggies when you can get them in salsa?):

 Image result for texas food pyramid

In addition we have taught them that gathering children is like herding cats. 

On the flip side, I have picked up phrases like I've got things "sorted" out and that I am going to "pop in" to a place.  We have also learned that we can be of "two minds." 

These are the fun things.....the small roads, the driving and the toilets, not so fun.

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