Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Trying to find joy in the small things, the day to day, as encouraged by Jamison. So, here goes...yesterday I saw the sun for the whole entire day!  It's amazing what a little Vitamin D will do for you.  At the encouragement of my spouse, mainly because it makes me nice, I went for an 8 mile run, even though it was a rest day.  Good thing too - it's pouring down rain here today.

Probably the second best thing here is how inexpensive the tulips are. I LOVE tulips. In fact, I just booked us tickets to go see the tulips in Holland at term break. So, I keep tulips in my kitchen and they make me smile.

In case you were wondering, the best thing is the school has a chef and a hot lunch is provided for the kids every day, that is GOOD.  I don't have to make lunches. Grayson told me last week it was as good as my cooking. 

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