Friday, April 21, 2017


Our last day in Germany we had a few hours before catching our flight back to England. A concentration camp was not high on my list of things to do, but Jamison wanted the children to have a glimpse of what we had been reading about in the Hiding Place.  I'm still not sure that either the children or I were ready for what we saw. Honestly, I am not sure I would ever be ready.

Dachau...there are few words to describe this part of history. It was one of the first concentration camps to open and was first intended for political prisoners. By the end the war over 32,000 people had lost their lives and there were 5 times the number of people than what they had room for. I was sick to my stomach the moment we walked in the gates. It was such a sobering part of history. The girls and I did not last long in the exhibit showing the clothes they were given to wear, the personal effects, the lines where the prisoners stood, the 10 toilets for hundreds of prisoners, the harsh treatment and the reasons they made up to humiliate and beat these people.  Simply put - it was awful. I only took 2 pictures because that was all I could handle.  Grayson stayed longer than I did and came out saying, "Mom, the people were literally skeletons at the end."  Oh that we may remember and protect lives of innocent people.

Looking across at the Barracks.

the bunk beds

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