Saturday, April 1, 2017


A weeks ago Jamison came home stating that he had a trip to the Netherlands. I took a look at the calendar took note that the kids were out of school and then signed up for the tulips in Holland email to track the blooming of the tulips.  No way was I missing out on seeing the tulips if they were in season.  For anyone who is interested, they bloom in April with mid-April being the peak.  I know we would be a little early, but I was all about going on the trip.

The next thing I did was get the kindle Trailblazers book, The Watchmaker's Daughter, 
for us to read as a family. It was the story of Corrie Ten Boon who was from Holland.  The first stop on our trip was to Haarlem, the city where Corrie lived.  We were able to go by her house, but unfortunately could not go in. We waited in line for an hour, only for them to let 20 people in. We were the next in line. The watch shop still stands today.  It was fantastic to at least get a glimpse at what we had been reading about. I highly recommend the book, and series of books on Christian missionaries, that are written on a child's level.  After visiting Hope had me order The Hiding Place to read.

Here are some pictures of the city:

The canals run all through Holland. Our favorite was seeing the speed skating sign showing the way for when they ice over.

We were able to go inside the Dutch Reformed church of St. Bavo during our visit. This was where Corrie attended church.  The pipe organ was enormous and was playing while we were there.

Just outside the cathedral was the town square that was a market.  One of the things we have talked about when we visit countries is we have to try some of the local cuisine, not all of it though. The Netherlands is known for it's Edam and Gouda.  We sampled it first and then decided that we needed to bring some back with us.

The other thing we saw everywhere was stroopwafels and signs saying "eat Dutch waffles."  They were filled with a thick syrup and were delicious. Guess what our snack was every day we were there? I ate 3 the first day: Jamison couldn't believe it.

No trip to the Netherlands would be complete without visiting, and of course climbing, a windmill.  We learned that during the war the windmills were used to communicate when the Nazi's were coming.  Even today the position of the sails is used to communicate if the mill is being repaired or whether it is in production.

Our guide explaining what the stopping point of the windmill means: production down, maintenance, etc.

If there is something to be climbed, my crew will be the first to do it. We climbed to the top of the windmill.


  1. I just read the Hiding Place, and it was incredible. Probably one of the most inspirational books I've ever read. It looks like you all had a wonderful getaway!

    1. Hope asked to read the Hiding Place after we visited. Very inspiring.

    2. Hope asked to read the Hiding Place after we visited. Very inspiring.