Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy 40th Kim!

One of my dear friends and running partner, Kim Hamilton, turned 40! For a year we have been planning what to do...of course, what do runners do? We run. What better way to ring in 40 than to run a race. After much deliberation, we chose to run Mt. St. Charleston just outside of Vegas.  While we all planned on running the full marathon, given the move and my burn, I signed up for the half,  As things would go, my Woodlands running group, Volte decided to run as well. I got to see all of my running buddies in one fantastic, or as Derek Bailey would say, epic weekend. We had a blast. The weather was perfect, the course was fantastic, the company was great.

For day 1 we ventured into the Vegas strip.  I have always wanted to see it and am glad I went, however, after an hour I was done. It's a lifestyle that I really don't partake in.  In fact, I left there feeling sad at the emptiness of it. Mary made the comment, "it's a false paradise" and I think she nailed it. There were so many girls I wanted to walk up to and say, "you are more valuable than this.  You are worth more."  However, I digress.

the Venetian watching the gondolas

outside the Venetian
We woke up on day 2 to Kim's actual birthday. First order of business, CAKE!  You can't have a birthday without some sort of cake. We found the Cupcakery and got some cupcakes to celebrate.

When we tested our bibs at the Expo, the line of Kim's said, "Happy Birthday!"

look closely at the bottom line

At packet pickup I captured Mayra looking at her bib for the first time. Bill was able to get her bib name switched to say, "Venezuela" which is her home country. She has been greatly concerned about all of the political unrest in the country and spent the weekend praying for her country. It was overwhelming for her to run with the country name on her bib.

Team Photos - missing Hope, Alan and Leti.

After the Expo we decided to drive the course and enjoy the view on Mt. St. Charleston.  I love the mountains.

See that mountain over there, tomorrow I'm going to run it.

Sonia, Jen, Kim, Mayra, Tammy and Marta

At the top, marathon start line
Sonia, Jen, Kim, Mayra, Tom, Tammy, Marta and Juan

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