Tuesday, April 11, 2017

London Day 2

Second day of Mimi and Pop's trip was another chilly, but sunny day.   Mom made all of us shirts that said home.  We stood out but the girls love them. I guess Texans are obnoxious no matter what country we live in.  Ready to take on the day!

Today we went to the Tower Bridge as seen in the back ground. No, this is not London Bridge as some might believe. We found out that the Tower Bridge was not bombed during World War 2 as enemy fighters used this as a landmark for navigation.  We took a walk across the top of the bridge.

We then went to the Tower of London, because when in London, the crown jewels are a must. Lines were long due to the holidays, so Grayson didn't get to see the Bloody tower.  That means another trip at a later date.

The armory room was a hit for the kids.  Although Grayson kept asking how the soldiers could move under the weight of the armor. Good question!

They loved watching the Beef Eater patrol the grounds.

Of course Pops here which means only one thing...ice cream for lunch.


Last stop of the day was St. Paul's Cathedral.

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