Sunday, April 23, 2017

Southampton Half

When the move was decided, one of the first things I began to do was to look for a race. I knew that the move would be stressful and I also knew that running was my outlet to help me relieve some of the stress I would be facing.  Plus, what better way to see new places than on foot! I also knew with the many things that come with a move that I would not take time to stop and have some stress release unless I had a goal.  A few weeks later I saw an ad on facebook for the Southampton Half marathon. Perfect, a local race in our new hometown.  After taking a quick look at the course profile and noting the hills and that it was a double loop course, I decided to sign up for the half rather than the whole.  I was thankful for that decision at mile 9 when my quads were screaming at me.

With my little kitchen debacle and the fact that we have been traveling, my training took a hiatus and then became hit or miss...oh and did I mention the long steep climbs? I'm sure the runners around here would laugh - they seem to think it is flat in places.  Obviously they haven't been to Katy or the Woodlands.  I wasn't sure what to expect. On a good day I can hit 1:45 but that's on flat grounds and with some speed work, which I haven't done any of.   I told Jamison I would be happy to complete it. I wasn't sure I could run 13 miles.

I ran. I felt good for most of it. I didn't look at my watch.  The first mile was rough. We made around 10 turns in that one mile alone (this race had more turns than I prefer) and then started uphill to mile 3, came down for a bit at 4 and a steep climb for mile 5. Jamison's goal to me was to not stop on the hills. Mission accomplished until mile 11. I briefly stopped and walked twice on the bridge at mile 11 - go up and over. When you get to the bottom turn around and repeat. Madness.  When I hit mile 12 I put my head down, said, "suck it up buttercup" and finished the race. 1:44:30 Not a PR (or a PB as the English would say), but I am proud of that time. I never thought I would do that yesterday even if it had been flat. My quads are paying for it today....welcome to Southampton running.  We are definitely not in Houston anymore.

I had my wonderful support crew out there cheering me on!

Now to find a group and someone to train with, after I get back from running another half with my girls in 6 days --- Vegas.

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