Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Vaarwel, Holland

Goodbye, Holland! We will see you again.

Final thoughts...we fell in love with everything Dutch, the food, the people, the land.  I can't say enough what a fantastic trip it was. Seeing the tulips has been on my bucket list for forever.  I love tulips and to see them in full bloom was a lifetime experience. Jamison had a work meeting which took us there. He commented the other night that he was surprised at how much he loved the trip as well.  I guess he didn't expect this to top the list of favorite trips like some of the other European destinations, but it did.

There really are bicycles everywhere.  Grayson learned that there are twice as many bikes as cars in the Netherlands and on average, every Dutch person owns one.

Most people are bi-lingual.  It made Jamison and I feel a bit inferior, by our own account, not because they made us feel that way. I was also keenly aware of how short I am!

The people are super friendly and helpful.

The country side is beautiful.

We loved the cheese and the stroopwaffle.

There is so much more that we want to see. Amsterdam is still to be covered, Efteling (a Dutch theme park) is calling our name and of course, the tulips.  Next April Holland...we have a date.  Until then....

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