Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Winchester and Walls

Today we decided to stay a bit closer to home and drove up to Winchester.  There's the cathedral and of course, King Arthur's round table.  The kids found a dress up area and with some historical truth reenacted some of the gory parts of English history --- the beheadings.  Hope is making a fantastic face in some of the pictures  It's as if Grayson is saying, "enough with the sisters, I wanted a brother."  It was comical. 

It's good to be King!

This sums it up....Pops reading plaques and the rest of us taking pictures!  I'm not sure where Grayson was at because usually he is right there soaking up the history.

At the Cathedral. The men used to walk on their knees up to the altar. The floor was hard and cold, but the girls wanted to give it a try.  They both said, "Mom, that hurt!"

On the way back from Winchester, the kids wanted to take Mimi and Pops to see Ocean Village, the terminal where the cruise ships come in, the infamous apartment where I caught on fire and of course, the walls!  They love anything they can climb. So, we took Mimi and Pops on a walking tour of the walls.

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