Thursday, May 25, 2017

After School Fun

Finally, the sun! It's amazing what a little sunshine will do for our spirits. We have had 3 days of absolute perfect weather - sun, mid 70s, low humidity. To the locals, it's "boiling," but we are loving it. Well, everything except that there is no A/C and it does get a little warm on the 3rd floor at night.  Too bad it won't last - the dreaded rain and English weather returns just in time for my birthday.

While the sun was out, the kids made the most of it. I looked up and they had all the baseball stuff our. In a rare moment, they were getting along. (We have had a rough month of bickering, crying, wishing to be home).  I asked Grayson what he was doing to which he said, "Mom, when we return home, Michaela will almost be in kid pitch. She needs to be ready." He has a short 2.5 years to get her there, but I thought it was super sweet.  Hope even joined in on the fun.  I sat and enjoyed the sun and prayed that they wouldn't send a ball through one of our neighbor's windows.

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