Saturday, May 13, 2017


Road trip - it's our goal to explore England as much as we can.  On my short list of places to visit was Bath. It was fabulous. We all really enjoyed our time in the city.  Here are some highlights.

The Pulteney Bridge.  It was completed in 1774 and is one of the few bridges that has a roadway and shops lining both sides of the bridge.
Pulteney Bridge
Overlooking the hills of Bath. It was a beautiful view.
Overlooking the countryside
Below is the Bath Abbey. It is still a functioning Anglican church and it was formerly a Benedictine monastery.  It is a Medieval church with a Gothic interior.
Bath Abbey

Perhaps the reason everyone comes to Bath - to see the Roman baths.  They are formed around a natural hot spring, the only one in England and date back to 70 AD. When we looked at a map of where Rome is compared to Bath, England, it was amazing.  Neither Jamison or I comprehended how far the Roman empire extended.  The baths were used as a bathing house and for socializing. It is one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world.  The water is not appealing to look at. The kids touched it to feel the warmth, but it is definitely not something I would want to get in.

Roman Baths

Feeling the HOT water

As with all countries, we like to try something local.Thank you Rick Steves for our suggestions on local things to try. He recommended Sally Lunn Buns. Sally was a French refugee who found employment with a baker. She introduced him to different types of buns. This one is supposed to be part cake, part bun, part bread. It tasted like just a bun to us, but we tried it.

During our city tour, we walked past the Fudge Shop and they were making homemade fudge in the window and offering free samples outside.  We decided that we must go in! I also may or may not have bribed the kids with a piece of fudge for going on the walking tour of Bath. Which, is fascinating and our tour guide was great. He gave us all the scandalous details and told us when to cover the children's ears.  Apparently there was quite the gambling scene in Bath at one time and stories of temple prostitutes that reminded me of some Biblical stories. The bishops came in on the latter and got it cleaned up for a price.  I believe he said the money went to restore the Abbey. Anyhow...the kids got some fudge for enduring the walk.
The Fudge Shop - decisions!
The second day in Bath,  the kids and Jamison wandered back into town while they were waiting to meet me after the race.  Apparently there was a fantastic coffee shop Jamison wanted to try out and it did not disappoint.  Plus, they found a park!

by the train station

Bath did not disappoint. It will be worth a visit back in the future!

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