Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy 101st Birthday, MarFar!

Marfar!  Looking spry for 101.
Everyone keeps asking me where Jamison was on my birthday. At my request/insistence/nagging, he is in Corpus Christi. He felt bad leaving on my birthday, but did so for a great reason. His granddad, whom we refer to as MarFar, turned 101 today! 101! That's a huge milestone. I am so glad that we could send him home to celebrate with his grandfather and spend some time with his family! Apparently our niece Lorelai has taken to Jamison and is with him constantly.  

Jamison and Lorelai 

Uncle Strode

MarFar and Jamison

MarFar, Lorelai and Neta (J's sister)

Happy 101, MarFar! We Love You!

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