Saturday, May 27, 2017

Happy Birthday!

The first family birthday to celebrate abroad. Jamison was in Texas as his grandfather is turning 101. I hope he had some fajitas to celebrate me, that's what I would have had if I had been home. Instead on a dreary day the kids and I stayed in our pajamas, watched movies and had chips and queso (Velveeta and Rotel I brought with me) for lunch. YUM!  The sun did come out late afternoon and my wonderful friends here had a dinner and celebrated me!

I do have to note that before I went to the party, Catherine stopped by to give me a birthday run.  She said that she knew with Jamison being out of town that I wouldn't get to run. She already knew me well enough to know I would want one. I was overwhelmed with how thoughtful her gift to me was. I got to get out and have a run! Glorious.

Then Colette and Sam graciously hosted a party for me for our home group. I so love the group. Every one looks out for one another and they wanted to make sure that I was celebrated. Sam got the croquet set out and taught my kids. He also built them a wigwam. Dinner was wonderful and my friend, Chrissie's daughter Lucy (Hope's friend) baked me a wonderful cake!  It was so great to see everyone even though I didn't get an entire group picture. Thanks Amanda, Hannah, John, Collette, Sam, Chris, Chrissie and Kit for celebrating with me!  I am blessed.

Heading out.

Croquet lessons!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Zoe, Lucy, Chrissie, Sophie, my crew and Sam.

My wonderful cake! YUM!

Kids enjoying the teepee.

Beautiful Hope helping in the kitchen.

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