Monday, May 29, 2017


The English weather is back --- cool, drizzly, unmotivating to get out in. I know if you wait for the sun, you will never go out. However, it is half term and the kids and I have been enjoying some lazy days around the house. Today we played game. I pulled out a childhood favorite, Sorry!  My brother Jon hates this game....he was always the one to lose.  Grayson is quickly taking his place. We played 4 games and Grayson lost all 4. He exclaimed, "there is something wrong with this game."  Sounds very similar to what Uncle Jon says, "that game is rigged."

The showdown for the cellar is on in August....Grayson says, "bring it Uncle Jon!"

Grace Thomas (American Girl doll) joined the action.

After his 3rd loss.

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