Friday, June 2, 2017

Dover Castle

The largest castle in England - Dover's Castle. Dover is the gateway into England and the largest port city. Many thought the D-Day attacks would come  from here as it is the closest point to France. The attacks however did not originate from here and caught every one by surprise. 

We were able to tour the castle, climb to the top and get a view of the underground wartime tunnels.  Fascinating history.

Love Gayson's photo bomb!

Michaela pointing in the distance towards France.

Stunning view from the top.
The Throen
The kids loved the cannons. Here they are pretending to be cannon balls. The pictures where there fingers are on their heads, well, that is the fuse. Michaela was running up and down the path exploding.

Then there was the catapult. We wondered what all they sent over the wall. Michaela of course wondered if any humans were sent flying over the wall.

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