Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy 40th, Assia!

It's Assia's 40th Birthday!  She wanted a low key day but Kristen and I couldn't let the day go by without celebrating!  We had the Fanslers over for dinner along with Assia and Alain.  It was yet another adventure in expat life.

We had a hard time getting the grill going and so dinner was a few hours late. The first cake Kristen made collapsed - apparently we are all still struggling with exactly how the ovens over here cook. Seems that the cakes (mine included) burn on the edges and collapse in the middle. I was so relieved when she told me that; it made me feel like I wasn't the only one struggling with the baking situation. I will say though her second cake was AMAZING (and time consuming). Thanks Kristen!

The kids played and the adults laughed about some of the daily struggles.  Mostly we celebrated new friendship.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of all of us.

Happy Birthday, Assia! We are thankful for your friendship....

40 Wishes

Assia, Alan and Alain

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