Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jamison's 40th, Part 2

Sunday, round 2....we had our connect group over for dinner and cake. I completely dropped the ball and forgot to get a picture of everything. We had beautiful weather so we ate outside and let the children play. I made all of Jamison's favorites, lasagna, green beans, bread and then sent him to Costco to pick out his own birthday cake. I ran out of time to make one for him.

Costco to the rescue

Jamison wishing for me to get a job so I can contribute to our travel fund!
 I didn't know what to get him for his birthday and since I couldn't have a party with our Texas friends, I sent a list out to all of his friends from youth until now requesting birthday wishes, memories and funny stories. I then compiled them all for him.  I think he really enjoyed it. I was touched by all of the things friends wrote.   Jamison did laugh because on the front instead of saying "lots of birthday wishes" I put "loads of birthday wishes." (picking up on the British phrases!)

I love the picture that his family sent from their reunion:

We did manage to get a family picture celebrating the fearless leader of our clan.

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