Monday, July 3, 2017

June Happenings...Sprint to the End

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that it is July. The weather here has been Maylike for Texas. The highs have been in the upper 80s/low 90s. Eveyone keeps asking me, "does this feel like home?"  I smile because yes outdoors it feels like home, but at home we have air conditioning in the house and can cool off. There's no A/C here and it is HOT inside.  In fact I heard this week that it was the hottest June that England has had in 20 years! WOW!  I don't want to complain too much because that means that we have also seen the sun, A LOT, which is unusual for this time of year here.

The other thing that makes it feel so much like May is that we are finally wrapping up school and with the end of school comes activities....swim galas, field days, end of school plays, birthday parties, etc. It's a sprint to the finish here just like it is in the States.

Here are pictures from the swim gala. It was a balmy 92 degrees outside. I felt right at home.  It got so hot that they ended up stopping the meet, which meant I had to go back for round 2 a week later.


Next up was field day.  This was different from the states in that the children competed in track and field events all day long. The meet lasted from 10 until 5. The older two had their event one week and Michaela a week later. Lots of time for me at the school. The day started off warm and sunny and ended cool and rainy, which is typical of an English day.


Hope's events...she is fast!


Two days later was grandparent's day. Since none of the grandparents could make it and I had been at the school for the last 3 days with events (and I forgot about it and scheduled an appointment at the same time), Jamison went as the stand in grandparent.  Wow - Pop looks a bit different here.  Thanks J!

We were blessed to have one child, Amber, living next door to us that was Hope's age. They were renting like us and at the end of June they moved as they purchased a house. While they still live close, they are no longer next door.  The girls celebrated Amber's 9th birthday and her move on their last night in the house.

Amber and Hope

The long awaited twin, Monroe and Major, made their appearance on June 19th! We can not wait to meet them when we go home. This is the hard part of being across the pond - missing major life events. Congratulations Justin and Em. We will see you in August.  

Our nights are filled with games.  We started a family game of chicken foot that will take us through until it's time to go home. Our paper chain is getting shorter. Grayson did not have a good round one as he ended up with the Green Weanie (which they have dubbed the beanie weanie) and ended up with 67 points after round 1. The goal is to have the lowest amount of points.

Kristen, Assia and I escaped to the local theater for a girl's night out and went to see a production of Grease. It was interesting to hear the familiar songs with English accents.  

Michaela attended quite a few parties. Her favorite was make your own pizza. Our little budding chef:

Last, but certainly not least, came Michaela's field day. Focused and determined, she was ready to take on the day. She took first in the 50m sprint, 3rd in hurdles and 3rd in the throwing (but was the first girl).  Her favorite accomplishment was on the sprint as she said, "Mom, I beat Finn."

And June is over...onward to July, Jamison's 40th, last day of school, the Riviera and finally Texas!

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