Thursday, July 20, 2017


Today we ventured out to explore the second smallest country in the world, Monaco.  Ahhh...the beauty but first a stop to eat like the locals, croissants.  Yum!

Once we arrived in Monaco, it was a steep climb uphill to get to the palace.  The kids of course loved the climb, until they realized that the entire day would be going up and down the hills of the country. By the end all of our legs were tired, but here's to a strong start.

About half way up we stopped to take a picture with Prince Ranier (think Princess Grace, an American actress who gave up her career to be the Princess of Monaco). He had one of the longest reigns in Monaco.

Outside the palace.  The day alternated rain and sunshine.  We toured the inside and it was gorgeous - very French and very ornate. Unfortunately, cameras weren't allowed inside.

Overlooking the bay.  Too bad it was so hazy out. It was gorgeous!

We wandered the gardens and came across the cathedral of Monaco where Prince Ranier and Princess Grace were married and where they are now buried.

Lastly, a train ride to view the wonderful cities of Monaco and Monte Carlo.

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