Thursday, July 20, 2017

Monte Carlo

Lifestyles of the rich and famous...we are neither but we did enjoy seeing how those who are live.  The cars, the hotels, the yachts.  It was amazing. The kids were in awe.  The city is absolutely beautiful and the hills, well, we got a workout in. Over 8 miles of traversing between Monaco and Monte Carlo.

We learned that Monte Carlo is one of the cities in Monaco and is named after Prince Charles III. The name is Mount Charles in Italian.

Upon arriving, I told Grayson that we would go see the Grand Prix circuit. What I did not realize was that the Grand Prix was run on the actual streets of Monte Carlo. So while we were walking the streets, we were on the Grand Prix circuit. For my child who loves cars, he thought that was the coolest.

First stop, the Casino Royale of Monte Carlo.  While I would have loved to seen the inside, we weren't dressed appropriately, nor did we have the right title or status.  We can say, "Bond. James Bond." This is where Golden Eye and Never Say Never were filmed.

We stopped in front of a hotel to enjoy the fancy cars parked out front, in particular the Ferrari and Aston Martin.  The parade of cars driving the streets was impressive.

Last stop was the marina to enjoy the view and the yachts.

What a day!  We loved it!

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