Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nice, Day 2

There were several areas around the Riviera that Jamison and I wanted to explore. The children however had another idea...the beach. We spent the entire day at the beach.  Quite the cultural experience.  The beach in Nice is a pebble beach and we found the rocks hard to walk on and hard on the soles of the feet. Next time we know to take water shoes to help us maintain our footing.  Secondly, the water was a bit chilly.  However, we braved it because you can't go to the beach without getting in the water.  Of course, there was the issue that we were on a FRENCH beach. Yes, that means there were some topless ladies.  Fortunately, Jamison thought to give the children a heads up to what we might see.  Overall, most people had tops on and once the shock of the first lady or two, it really became a non-issue.  No one really commented or noticed after that.

when there isn't sand to build sandcastles, you build fortresses!

On the way home, we found a place for hope to have a macaroon. We are crossing items off of everyone's bucket list this week.

We ended the day with gelato and a carousel ride.  Apparently the French invented the carousel so of course, we had to ride.

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