Friday, July 21, 2017

Nice Day 4

Our last day....we started with a run, went to the beach, wandered the town, sampled the chocolate, sampled the coffee, wandered into a random cathedral and enjoyed the local market.  Perfect end to a perfect week.  The military presence was everywhere. We are getting used to that in the towns we are visiting.

Not a bad view or a bad way to start the day!

We found French chocolate. A goal of our is to try chocolate in every country we visit.

The French version of a candy store. In the middle you could build your own bag of cookies instead of candy.

Translation failure. There was a sign for chocolate olives. Seeing as this was not a combination that we would ever think to try, we decided to try some. Turns out it was chocolate covered almonds!

Local flower market

Old Town 

A whole store just for macaroons

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