Saturday, July 29, 2017


We hit the ground running, quite literally for me. After an early morning 15 miles with my running group, we headed out to Tyler to visit Jamison's family. Maybe not the best timing as we were all jetlagged, but we had a fantastic time visiting his mom. His sister, Neta and family drove over from College Station to visit us.

First order of business as an amazon delivery that Jamison had sent there especially for me. For those who don't know us to well, we have an unique love language called sarcasm and express such love in the way of obnoxious shirts.  After this, Jamison is one up on me.  I walked in to this gem:

It left me speechless for one of the few times in my life.  I did laugh heartily afterwards.   The incident is funny 6 months later. Well played, J, well played.

The kids headed out with their cousins for an afternoon at the museum. Here they are in the tornado tunnel.

Afterwards, another Texas favorite, Whataburger with Moo-Moo.

Sunday was spent at Tyler Zoo. The kids fed the birds while we were there.

Smith Cousins

The trip concluded with another TexMex favorite, Chuys.  Jamison bought me another shirt here, a little less obnoxious than the first. It says, "deep in the heart of TexMex."  I love it! On the plane I saw a shirt that said, "chips. salsa. repeat." I may have to find it for my collection.

As in all countries, we took a selfie!  Not the best picture but the only one we got on the trip.

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