Friday, August 11, 2017

Birthday Marathon Week

It seems easier to do all the birthdays we celebrated in Conroe in one shot. It was a marathon.  We started the week celebrating Carson's actual birthday, August 2. The plan was to go to the pool, but thunderstorms thwarted our plans. Instead, we ended up playing games and going to dinner.

Two days later Hope celebrated her 9th birthday.  Since all of the children's presents were tied together, Grayson and Michaela also got to open their birthday presents, both from us and from Mimi and Pops.

Hope's wish came true, we gave the kids a trip to see the Eiffel tower upon return back to England.  I am not sure that anything will ever top this for her.

Mimi and Pops combined their birthdays and Christmas and sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to find their present. I missed a picture of the first stop which was tickets to EuroDisney.  The plan is to take the kids to Disney on Grayson's actual birthday while we are in Paris!  Need I say more?

If that wasn't enough, Mimi used her new skills to make the kids new shirts to wear on their outing.  We all agree, "Life is better at Disney."

How I missed the greatest surprise of all, I can't figure out? The last part of the present was news that they would be meeting their Crockett Cousins and Mimi and Pops during the winter midterm break for a DISNEY cruise.  Elated!  Thank you for such a grand gift.  It will help the long fall to have something BIG to look forward to. We can't wait.

The rest of Hope's birthday was spent doing everything girly - nails, a trip to Claires, decorating cookies and a slumber party with her BFF, Finley. The only down part of the day was that the third member of the trio, Bentleigh, was on vacation. We missed her a lot.


Sat, August 5th brought a celebration with friends for Carson. Robin put on an amazing Lego Batman party.  Happy 6th birthday, Carson!

Next up was a party celebrating the Smith kids but I am covering that separately  - 30 kids from all over came to Ninja warrior with us.

Friday the 11th, our bug turned 7.  We played mini golf, went swimming and at her request had Mama Juanitas for dinner.

Starting the day with presents from Cousins Ainsley and Gage.

 Happy Birthday Month!

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