Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Bonjour from Paris, the City of Love!  Oh how happy my middle daughter is. This was her bucket list item upon moving to England. For all three children's birthday, we gave them this trip. It was difficult to be excited to go as many of our friends back in Texas were flooding due to Hurricane Harvey. Thanks to Libby Saer who told me, "yes, but this trip is a celebration of your children. It's ok to celebrate." It took a bit to let that settle in as our hearts were in the waters of Texas.

We arrived on Wednesday night and after some confusion at the airport on which subway/train tickets to purchase we arrived at our apartment.  It was one of those - this is going to be an experience apartments. The kitchen was no bigger than 3x5. Jamison was the only person that could be in there. I couldn't turn around in the shower.  We all slept on single beds and Jamison on a pull out bed. However, we did all have a bed which we hasn't been the case in all the cities we have visited. What did Assia tell me upon moving here, "flexible and adaptable."

We quickly got set up, grabbed some food from the grocery and decided to go on a walk towards the Seine river. I looked up and what did I see sparkling in the distance?  The Eiffel tower. There was a light display. It was about 2 miles away so we didn't get an up close view that evening but we did enjoy watching the lights from the distance.  I think the bridge was a famous one as well.

First view of the Eiffel tower

that little light in the background - Eiffel tower
We then headed across the River to have our first glimpse of Notre Dame.  One the way we came across the police station and loved how they had the front lit in France's colors.

Last top of the evening was in front of Notre Dame. It is impressive!

Notre Dame

Tomorrow we will hit the top sites.  

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