Thursday, July 27, 2017

Texas Our Texas

 The last chain came off this morning!  Excitement is abounding in the house.  Of course, no trip is complete without a little drama. Late last night Michaela spiked a fever of 101 and was complaining of a tummy ache. Dr. Mom immediately diagnosed it as strep but since there are no after hour clinics, we had to wait out the night.  We weren't going to the ER for her symptoms. She did wake at 5 am with a throat covered in puss. As soon as the Dr. open, Jamison ran down there and explained  the situation, that we were leaving at 10 for a trip to the states. He got her an appointment at 9 am. I still can't believe we got in. One of the things I have not written about is how hard it is to get an appointment. When I had pink eye, they gave me an appointment three weeks after the day I called.  I digress tough.  All five of us and a packed car went with her and were out just in time to head for the airport armed with ibuprofen, antibiotics, her pillow and her blanket. I quarantined her in her row with all her belongings for the plane ride home.  As to be expected, we had a wet English sendoff.

We're off!
10.5 hours later we landed on the other side of the pond, greeted by Mimi and Pops and a trip to Pappasitos. Yum!  We are so excited to spend the next three weeks in Texas. There is truly no place like home! 

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