Thursday, August 17, 2017

Until Next Time Texas...

Wow, where did 3 weeks go? It went by so fast!  We are exhausted, but full of love, laughter and of course, TexMex! I don't think we could have done one more thing while we were at home. The time was truly maximized. For those friends we didn't get to see, next time for sure.  We miss every single one of you and talk of home often.

My favorite quote of the trip came from Grayson, "Mom, I didn't take a shower inside the whole time we were at Mimis."  Outdoor showers and swimming pools....

We met Chance, Cason and Aunt Robin at Pappasitos for one last round of fajitas before heading to the airport.

Mimi, Pops and Crockett Conroe Cousins

Conroe Cousins...I would say Crockett cousins, but we are missing Major and Monroe!

Time to say see you later as we don't say goodbye. Adios, Texas....until we meet again!

Time for a little trans-Atlantic nap

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