Saturday, August 26, 2017

Warwick Castle

One of the castles that we were told we must visit while we lived here was Warwick Castle.  The weather appeared to be good and the Chamberlains invited us along, so we took a day trip up to the Castle.  Warwick  was built in 1068 by William the Conqueror. What separated this castle from every other one we visited is they had activities, shows and a maze full of horrible history.

Ava, Hope, Grayson, Alan and Michaela

The first stop was inside the castle to see how it was once decorated. As always, Grayson most loved the weaponery.

From there we went to the Princess tower and took part in an interactive story to help a prince and princess live happily ever after. However, there was a hill just out front and I think that was the highlight of the trip - to roll down the hill.

Ava adores Hope and talked her into a piggy back ride.

Next stop was to watch the world's largest catapult. How fun is that?  It was powered by 2 humans running like hamsters inside the wheel.  Two important facts we learned: don't fall and don't throw up if you are running inside there.

World's largest catapult
The winged birds were up next! The guys were more into this than the girls.  It was fun to see how they had trained the birds and how they would have the birds swoop low right over the guests heads.

Perhaps the most fun was the history lesson live and in person of the War of the Roses. We learned about the battle of the House of York and the House of Lancaster for the throne....complete with jousting.  It was great fun.

On the way in Jamison got stopped with Grayson and Michaela. They were invited to take place in the show as the two princes that briefly took the throne, were kidnapped and murdered. Poor young princes. They of course loved that they got to be in the show.  Long live the King?!

On a journey through the terrible history maze. Jamison is in quest to take out King Richard. Unfortunate for him, he got stuck in this part of the maze and kept circling back.

Fun day out!

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