Saturday, August 12, 2017

With a Little Help from my Friends....

Other than family, we were so grateful to get to see so many of our friends, both in Katy and Conroe. There were so many more that we wanted to see, but could not work our schedules out.  Next time friends, next time.  Our hearts are full. (For those I didn't capture pictures of I am so sorry - Melinda, Erica, Kim, Jackson).

First stop was at London's birthday party.  Michaela was thrilled to see her friends and as usual was surrounded by a whole host of boys while at the party.

Michaela, Max, Austin, Harper, Hogan and Hudson
 We spent a day in Katy with some wonderful friends. These ladies have been my lifeline and support for years.  At least once a week I tell Jamison how I miss doing life and church with them.  I am so thankful to their love and support through the years.  It was great to catch up, to share life and to know how to pray for each of them as we are apart.  Hope was thrilled to see Ava and Isabella whom she has been friends with since nursery days at Second and Michaela to see Morgan. Such sweet friends.

Sherry, Julie, Jen, Danette, Heather and me

Michaela and Morgan

Isabella, Hope & Ava

Hope's Conroe besties, Finley and Bentleigh.  Not a day goes by that we don't talk about the two of them. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of all three. Thankful for 2 great families who love my daughter.  The girls are precious and have so much fun together. They were practically inseparable during our time in Texas.  Thank you Lacey for taking her so much.

Chiller Bee with Finley

Bentleigh and Hope: Besties forever

Fin and Hope roller skating

Grayson saw his share of friends as well.  Most of his time was with Jackson and BIG thanks to Erica for adding boy 5 to her mix.  Perhaps that is why I didn't get a picture is because they were always at her house. Boo!

Playing Games with cousins
 We spent a day in Katy with the Robinson family (and the Lutzs) at Typhoon Texas.  These boys have been friends since birth and the Robinsons have always been such great friends.  Will and Michaela were inseparable before we moved and we have precious stories of them from preschool

Grayson and Luke friends forever
 Grayson also spent time with his Conroe buddies Tate and Sam. Shout out to Dianne who took Grayson fishing and taught him how to catch frogs!

Tate, Grayson and Sam

Last but not least is Michaela and all her buddies.

London and Michaela
She spent quite a few afternoons with the Heathcott triplets.  Seems like old times! Rumor has it one of them is going to marry her. I'm all for it!

Hampton, Hogan and Michaela

Love this!

Hampton and Michaela

Hudson and Michaela

Hogan and Hudson
 We paid a special visit to Prissy.....that was the hardest part of our trip even though we know she is well loved in her new home.

My running friends had a special dinner for me. I feel so loved and miss this group so much!

One of Michaela's request while we were home was to go to track with me.

The crew!
Becca, John, Mayra, Layton, Derek and me!
Man, I miss our early morning runs

Until next time....we love you all!

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